Values we can add to your organization

The company's focus areas include:

Business Process Optimization

To take organizations to new levels of success, it is imperative to take a new look at existing business processes and optimize them in line with best practices in the industry.

At ALOK CONSULTING, we leverage the wealth of experience of our team to help organizations improve the ways things are done. We provide the consulting capability to synthesize business processes and improve them for the better. Additionally, we develop Key Performance Indicators that help our clients monitor process improvements and compliance.

Solution Design

The solution design is a critical success factor in achieving the initial project objectives. ALOK CONSULTING possesses the expertise to develop appropriate solutions with consideration for the local operating environment and the organizational culture of our clients. We are also partners with major enterprise resource planning softwares for implementation and sales.

Project Management

Project Management especially in the African environment is characterized by unique challenges which must be managed to ensure the achievement of project goals. ALOK CONSULTING provides experienced project managers supported by appropriate tools to co-ordinate and direct the project. Excellent project managers give a better Return on investment and reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

System Integration

Many organizations have different systems. It is important to integrate these systems in order to unlock value. Developing interface between these systems will impact on data transfer and ultimately the business process.

Our system integrators have excellent experience of integrating varied systems with a reporting tool which gives the required information at the end of each month.

Data Integrity

The quality of data in a new system is a critical determinant of success. At ALOK CONSULTING, data preparation and migration constitutes an important component of our projects. We have experienced data integrity consultants who help prepare, migrate and test data utilizing various tools and methodology.

Change Management

Successful projects require a good mix of technical configuration and excellent people skills. Many projects fail not because of bad technical configuration but due to inadequate attention in helping organizations manage the move from the �old� to the �new�.

At ALOK CONSULTING, we devote significant attention to the changing of processes and people attitudes. We deploy proven change management methodologies to ensure the buy-in of all stake holders. We understand and pro-actively deal with the concerns of the people to ensure they embrace the new way of working which the new systems may bring.

Our experience and success in this area has contributed to the ability of our clients to quickly obtain value from the new system.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

The main objective here is to rapidly improve the skill level of the user community at our clients. ALOK CONSULTING provides rapid skill improvement using a combination of Computer Based Training (CBT) and traditional instructor led classes. The CBT approach has been proven worldwide to be cost effective and also achieves quick and measurable results.


After a successful project, it is important for users to have an efficient structure that will ensure the effective use of the system through training and guidance, and provide continuous improvement on the system.

We help our clients to develop efficient competence centers that will support the users post go live. Typically, these competence centers include help desks, continuous training and solution enhancement units.

Where necessary, ALOK CONSULTING provides outsourced support services, enabling our clients to focus on their core business while we guarantee the efficient running of their system.

Continuous Business Improvement

The implementation business systems should result in great improvements to our client's business processes. It is important that Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are identified and monitored to track expected improvements in processes. As part of the ALOK CONSULTING�s solution set, we help our clients identify and measure KPIs and recommend process improvements where necessary.

SAP Implementation Partner

Alok Consulting is currently SAP�s largest implementation Partner in West Africian Sub region. We have over 30 in house full time consultants and access to a pool of experienced and dedicated consultants who are associates. We have vast and verifiable experience in the sales and deployment of small scale to large enterprise implementation.